Air Conditioning Repair and Service

Air Conditioning Repair and Service

Mantenimiento de Aire Acondicionado en San Luis Potosí  

Regular service from Penguin’s Air Conditioning experts could help you avoid costly air conditioning repairs in Austin Tx. It could also increase the efficiency of your air conditioning system, helping you save money. A well-kept cooling system can make your home more comfortable during hot summers in Austin. Regular maintenance can also help your AC system last longer.

Adjusting the equipment can help your air conditioner last longer.

Prepare your air conditioner for high and cold temperatures with precision tuning from the service experts at Aires Penguin. During an adjustment, our professionals will examine your system and make sure it is cooling or heating efficiently.

When you choose Aires Penguin’s service experts, you will receive quality service from our technicians.

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We will check your HVAC system well

Our experts will check and clean the essential components of your air conditioner during service.

Some of the jobs that are performed during a cooling system service and adjustment are;

  • Tighten the electrical connections.
  • Lubricate parts.
  • Cleaning the condensate drain line. Cleaning the condenser coil and evaporator coil.
  • Straighten the coil fins.
  • Examine the system controls. This ensures that your system is properly starting, running, and shutting down.
  • Change the air filter.

You always have to take into account to remove trash, leaves, dirt and grass can accumulate on the outside of your system. This can decrease capacity and decrease air flow.